Why use Sisi and Joe?

100% vegan and free of animal testing

That means that your care cares about animal welfare, has a smaller risk of allergies, is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin, sustainability and environment.

100% organic, natural and NATRUE-certified

The Natrue seal is an independent seal, certifiying only natural cosmetics of the highest standard of naturality, quality, credibility and transparency worldwide. The seal is awarded from the independent association “natrue – True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics (www.natrue.org). It helps consumers to identify natural and organic cosmetics that really deserve the name.

100% quality made in Austria

Sisi and Joe’s products are produced under the highest standards in Austria. Therefore we can ensure the quality and are a domestic employers with the shortest transport routes.

100% unique and pure love for well-tended skin

Already since 2008 we – the company siin-life – produce high-quality-care from the wonder of nature Edelweiss. We fell in love with this unique flower and its more than 40 substances. Since then, we combine them with the best ingredients to create even more enjoyable and effecting care experiences. Thereby, our heart is always beating for one thin: healthy and beautiful skin you just have to love. ♥