Lovestories in touch – Love without borders

Central Station in Amsterdam, 17th of July 2009 – just love remained. The  enchanting love story of Itzel Arriaga and Tobias ten Haaf, of the company Moronni International Ltd., one of the most important trading partner of siin. Experience their special story – you will be touched. 

An Extraordinary Love Story.

We have heard many love stories so far; every story had its unique touch. However, we have experienced an extraordinary one! We have met on the 17th of July 2009 at the Central Station Amsterdam. Where the adventure of a summer exchange program by “Rotary International” started. The day we have met, we had this click. Many people call it, “love at first sight”. We call it destiny!

Exchange Program.

Tobias’ family was Itzel’s host family for 3 weeks in the Netherlands. After those 3 weeks have passed, Tobias traveled to Mexico to be hosted by Itzel’s family in Mexico. Those 6 weeks together were unexpected lovely! Both families could realize there was something more than just a common friendship! At the end of this special time, we concluded, we wanted to be together!

Family traditions.

It was not easy to make our families understand what we were feeling and that it was true love! All in all, everything was unfavorable for us! Both of our parents were the presidents of each Rotary Clubs and Mexican traditions, were against us! Despite the circumstances, we stayed strong and we believed in our love! At first stage, no one believed it would last, but we have believed in ourselves, and made it come true!

Challenge accepted.

After the summer exchange, we had to be separated from each other for one-year “long distance relationship” were we agreed upon to meet everyday by Skype. We have visited each other within a year for 4 times. After 365 days of Skype conversations, our dream came true and Itzel moved to the Netherlands to initiate her career by studying in the Netherlands.

Sharing the same interests.

Love includes sharing more than just physical attraction; we shared the same interests in life. Traveling is one of them; we enjoy exploring the world together. Our international oriented mentality has brought us to where we are and shaped us to whom we have become. Traveling together includes get to know locals and try all traditional food in each of our travels. We are food enjoyers! Some of our travels together are like Australia, China, United States of America, Mexico and many places throughout Europe.

Working together.

We have realized that certain opportunities in life can occur only once. Therefore, we took it without hesitation and just with perseverance and confidence. Working together has been interesting, we have learned quite a lot from each other. Relationship wise, we have bonded together even more, since we have seen more from each others personality.


We can conclude that a life where you share everything with your partner, for us 7 year so far together, is a matter of keeping up with the balance in life and we have found it! Our story if not a love story but A Life Story!