Your skin cream? Man’s business!

Flout the men’s cream and just use the procut of your loved one? Works. Is just not that clever. Why? Because you have got a real guy’s skin which has got its needs – and these are different from “your Sisi’s” skin’s needs.


It is said that men have a thicker skin than women. We don’t know if that’s true in the figurative sense. But it’s a fact that HIS skin is actually thicker – namely, up to 20%. Besides, HE has got more sebaceous glands.

Generally, men’s skin is oilier, which though lets it age slowlier (Yeah! Bonus point!).

Also the PH-value is different. Who uses HER cream, takes the risk that HIS skin will be impure and shine oily. Besides, the especially combined complexes of ingredients cannot achieve its ideal effect.

If MAN wants to do him some good, HE should therefore ensure to use a care that has been especially developed for his needs. And that to 100% naturally and 100% vegan.