About siin


“The company locactd in Graz, Austria, develops and distributes vegan and ‘natrue’-certified cosmetic products” – that’s the usual presentation in this trade.  But for us there’s more to it than that: knowledge about the skin, stimulation and support of natural skin functions, learning from nature and its very special substances and the leading to beneficial and vitalizing skin care products.

With daily fun and effort lived and put into practice. With the vegan natural cosmetics brand “Sisi and Joe” we managed after a long period of development to present an impressive result of this obsession. 100% vegan, 100% natural, 100% free of animal testing and all of that “made in Austria”.




“With siin we define our common commitment. The commitment to sensual beauty. A beauty we want to offer our customer put into practice creatively and inspiringly in ideas, developments, products and solutions”. That’s the founder’s credo, Jörg Tinnacher.

Ideas, with a great deal of passion – that lead to the company siin life’s founding in 2011. Everything around the topic beauty, produced in Austria, the land of pure and healthy nature, living traditions and high culture. This basis statement at the same time got their well-nigh logical company slogan – made for beauty. Made in Austria.


High quality and certified.
We strive to develop and distribute high quality skin care products. With the vegan and natrue certified skin care “Sisi and Joe” and the anti aging skin care “siin Edition Edelweiss” we appeal to target people of all ages. Both brands combine a common natural high-performance active ingredient. Organically grown edelweiss .


siin life Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH

8010 Graz, Moserhofschlössl
Münzgrabenstraße 94/1

More information: www.siin-world.com